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Sirius Radio Outdoor Antenna

The PRO-600 is increased performance commercial quality antenna that has been made to get both XM and Sirius satellite signals. Its broad beam-width allows for a secure set up with fast positioning and adjustability. It really is backwards compatible with all present satellite radio receivers and is ideal for usage with next generation interoperable receivers. The interior amp will drive to 200 feet of RG-6 cable (maybe not included) without the necessity for additional amplifiers.

This antenna features an extensive beam-width for simple positioning, is compatible with both Sirius and XM Satellite Radio receivers, and that can resist hefty wind, snowfall, and other negative climate. The PRO-600 can drive up to 200 feet of RG-6 cable with no outside amplifiers required

Suitable Sirius Receivers:

  • Stiletto 2
  • Stiletto 100
  • Stiletto 10
  • S-50
  • Sportster 5
  • Sportster 4
  • Streamer 3 / Sportster 3
  • Starmate 8
  • Starmate 5
  • Starmate 4
  • Starmate 3
  • Stratus
  • Stratus 5
  • Sirius InV
  • Sirius InV2
  • Sirius SR-H2000

*This antenna may fit other receivers not detailed but is only assured for overhead receivers.


  • Large gain antenna panelwith 8.5 dB isotropic antenna gain
  • Works with standard RG-6 coax cable (perhaps not included)
  • Pro-quality mount (no plastic components)
  • Supports to virtually any horizontal / straight area or pole as much as 2 inches in diameter
  • Azimuth / Elevation adjustable mount
  • Pole mount hardware
  • 3-ft F-SMB adapter cable included
  • Weather boot
Plugging an Outdoor Home Antenna into a home kit & Boombox
Plugging an Outdoor Home Antenna into a home kit & Boombox
SIRIUS XM Onyx Dock & Play Radio
SIRIUS XM Onyx Dock & Play Radio
Sirius Dot Micro Antenna
Sirius Dot Micro Antenna
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