Grounding an Antenna no IBT

Antenna discharge Unit

Grounding an Antenna IBT

Grounding Electrode

The very first thing you will need to do, is always to put in an approved grounding electrode during the shed. Because of this solution, I'll assume a 5/8" x 8' grounding rod will likely to be installed.

Bond the Mast

You need to bond the mast for the antenna to your recently put in grounding rod, which you'll do making use of a 10 AWG copper conductor. You will attach the #10 conductor to the surface rod, utilizing a fitting approved with the aim. This fitting is only permitted to attach this single-wire to your pole, which means you cannot use it to add multiple cables.

Connecting the Electrodes

A bonding jumper of not less than 6 AWG copper (or comparable) ought to be connected between this brand-new floor pole, in addition to grounding electrode of the home.

Grounding the Cable

It is in addition crucial to run a coaxial cable with an integrated surface wire, from antenna on household. Otherwise you'll have to pull a 10 AWG grounding conductor along with the cable.

Connect the Cable

The coaxial cable is attached to an authorized Antenna Discharge device, before it goes into the home.

NOTE: When shopping for an Antenna Discharge product, it's also important to try to find a tool this is certainly detailed to comply with ANSI/UL 452 "Antenna - Discharge Units".


The way the cable and ADU tend to be grounded, completely varies according to your grounding system. We'll protect two typical techniques, that should provide a good idea of the way to handle it.

Intersystem Bonding Cancellation

The easiest strategy, is if your house has an Intersystem Bonding Termination. It is typically a terminal affixed towards the outside of the solution equipment enclosure, or a terminal on the exterior of the home that is attached to the service equipment. In this situation, you will just attach the ADU and cable grounding conductor towards the IBT.

When there is no IBT, you can easily connect the grounding conductors to your grounding electrode within home.

No Intersystem Bonding Termination or Grounding Electrode

In the event the home is really old, it's likely you have neither an Intersystem Bonding Termination, nor a Grounding Electrode. In cases like this, you need to use some of the approved grounding electrodes described when you look at the National Electrical Code article 250.52.

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