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Hd antennas colorsThe Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) features followed a shade coding plan for the classification associated with geographic regions with various TV reception problems. In framework of the antenna mapping program the CEA has defined seven shade areas - yellowish, Green, Light Green, Red, Blue, Violet and Pink. Each shade region has actually a corresponding off-air outdoor antenna kind needed for the sufficient reception quality in this area.

Colors area specifies the reception conditions for the specific location with respect to the particular broadcasting tower. Hence, the color zone is determined by your local area additionally the location of the community tower. For instance, if you reside 95050 Santa Clara, CA you're in the YELLOW area with respect to the NBC community transmitting from San Jose and there is a high probability the old bunny ears will do the work; but if you want to watch FOX broadcasts sent from Oakland, overlook the interior antenna and get ready for a roof set up - you are in the RED area.

The highest customer ranked HDTV antennas (just antennas having above 3 reviews are shown):

Antenna Positioning Directivity Amp Band Location Complete Reviews Typical Score
RCA ANT751 Outdoor Directional No VHF/UHF Red 613 4.4
1byone OUS00-0566 Interior Multi Yes 1982
AntennasDirect C2-V-CJM Indoor/Outdoor Multidirectional 1127
Color Zone Antenna Type
Yellow Tiny Omni/Multi-directional antenna is necessary in a yellowish area. Yellow zone is where the reception conditions will be the most useful in addition to sign amount is extremely high. Usually, the yellow color signal location is extremely near to the transmitting tower. Even though color coding is employed to classify outside antennas just, if you're in yellow location discover a good chance that an inside HDTV antenna (and also better an amplified indoor antenna) will continue to work perfectly. For those who have one, test it out for.
Green Moderate Omni/Multi-directional antenna is required in a green zone. In a green shade rule area the signal is slightly weaker and a bit bigger antenna is needed. The sign in an eco-friendly location may be powerful adequate to attempt an amplified interior HD antenna when you yourself have one. Bear in mind, however, that with an indoor antenna there's nothing guaranteed in full. Just outdoor antennas could be certified for almost any certain shade location.
Light Green Increased and roof mounted huge Omni/Multi-directional or Small Directional antennas are expected in a light green area. These antennas can handle getting weaker HDTV signals whenever no considerable multipath (ghost) problems occur, in other words no reflective frameworks close by.
Red In vicinity of the reflective structures, Medium Directional antenna kind is the best for red, light-green, green and yellow color zones. Having a fair dimensions however great ghost reduction, this antenna is claimed becoming the most popular roof antenna.
Blue Moderate Directional with pre-amplifier or huge Directional can be used in blue areas where the HDTV signal is weak or ghost creating structures remain. High roof set up is essential.
Violet Huge Directional antenna with a pre-amplifier and high roof installation may be used in a violet area. Expert installation advised. Working cables should always be as quick possible.
Pinkish Huge Directional antenna with a far more powerful pre-amplifier as well as greater rooftop set up. Expert set up advised. Working cables should really be as quick that you can.

HDTV outside antennas certified by CEA have a "pie level" showing the color zone the antenna is good for. CEA shade zones pertain to outside antennas only. Indoor antenna performance depends on most different factors and can never be assured in almost any zone.

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