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Jim Hill published:
Probably a stupid (and frequently-asked) concern, but I'm maybe not an RF
professional therefore right here goes:
I got myself a home this past year with a roof-mounted antenna. We left it in
spot and even though We have satellite service. Given that I taken the HD
leap, I'd like to test the local HDOTA products - but after
taking that dive i truly wouldn't like to spring for an all-new 21st
century gee-wow antenna if one-up on the roof will suffice. Do We
require an innovative new antenna especially made for HDOTA broadcasting?
Jim, ignernt
"Lord, offer myself energy, at least until 12:01 pm EST, 20 Jan 2009."


You can find VHF (chan 2 thru 13) & UHF Antennas (Chan 14 thru 69)

There's also combo Antennas which do both VHF & UHF 'frequencies'...

VHF antennas are huge, UHF antennas smaller, Combos biggest.

Receiving Analog or Digital/HD Chans tends to make no huge difference
to an antenna...

Many Digital/HD networks are on UHF (14 thru 69)...

THese UHF antennas are generally Yagi or 4 Bay Bow Ties..
at $25 a pop from Channel Master or WineGard dealers

HD usually uses RG-6 Antenna cable ... not RG-59... !

Visit site and figure out the Digital Channels in your
area, kilometers to tower, path, & Digital Channel...

& enter your 5 or 9 Dig ZIP Code

Matching a Picture of your Antenna with a UHF it's possible to
identify what exactly is on your own roof... or perhaps Try it...

A good 4 bay bow tie UHF works such as this...

Channel Master CM2016 HDTV VHF High Band and UHF Antenna
Channel Master CM2016 HDTV VHF High Band and UHF Antenna
HDTV Antenna test - MU vs Chels on Fox Sports
HDTV Antenna test - MU vs Chels on Fox Sports
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