HDTV antenna range

1byone1byone Super slim Indoor HDTV Antenna has-been rated “best sellers”. It can pull-in all your regional networks broadcasted in FM/VHF/UHF frequency, including development, weather, sitcoms, children and recreations development without monthly contract or expenses. Cable may be costing you $1500 annually nowadays, but this antenna is yours for some dollars. We believe your financial investment within quality antenna offers along with your family years of pleasure.


1. Link the Antenna to television

Connect the coaxial cable through the antenna towards the ANT/IN or CABLE IN slot regarding straight back of one's television. Note: For TV’s that need a tuner box, link the coaxial cable into the tuner field ANT/IN or CABLE IN interface.

2. Scan for Channels

Inside TV’s setup menu, set the mode to Antenna or Air. Whilst in the TV’s setup menu, set television to scan for stations. This can often be listed as auto-program, station search or station scan. Check with your TV handbook for detailed directions.

1byone3. Mount Antenna

Get a hold of a convenient interior area to mount your antenna aided by the 3M installation stickers included.

Mount or Put Antenna Virtually Anywhere

Includes two-sided installing tape. It is possible to move the antenna easily to discover the best location for the high-quality indicators.

Mount on Wall

Mount on Window

Get up on the dining table

Lay level on the table

1byoneSuper Soft Design and Paintable

Super soft, unobtrusive design and powerful reception capabilities result in the antenna a high choice in every house. It may be properly painted to fit any home décor without worrying about reception or signal loss.

Bundle Items

  1. Antenna with 10’ coaxial cable
  2. 3M Adhesive Mounting Pads
  3. Setup Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

How many channels am I able to receive?
The sheer number of stations it is possible to obtain will be dependant on what exactly is being transmitted in your town. Channel reception will vary from area to place centered on terrain (including trees, buildings, hills and mountains). The less obstructions, the greater your opportunity of receiving strong electronic indicators.

1byoneWill it fit all tvs?
1byone antenna will connect to televisions having an Antenna IN or a Cable IN port regarding the straight back associated with tv. Many televisions (HDTV) sold after 2009 have a ATSC tuner built-in and certainly will receive digital broadcasts. Should your tv ended up being purchased earlier, but has actually a menu option for scanning digital stations, then your television has a ATSC tuner. If not, you will need to purchase an electronic digital receiver.

Will most of the channels I obtain be High Definition (HD)?
Only a few digital signals are High Definition (HD). Ensure you are using a High Definition Television (HDTV) with built-in ATSC tuner. When connecting the antenna to a third-party receiver, make sure it's effective at receiving HD. Otherwise no HD stations may be picked up.

1byone 1byone
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1byone Antenna 60 miles range
1byone Antenna 60 miles range
AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna 35 Mile Range
AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna 35 Mile Range
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