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HDTV antenna in attic


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I simply moved into a mature household and I in the morning trying to puzzle out how the past owners had their TVs set up. I recently bought an antenna and stuck it inside loft and it works good. I went the cable direct along the stairs to my family room to evaluate the signal. Demonstrably I do not like to ensure that it it is such as this. Am I able to in some way reuse the coaxial outlets that were previously used for the satellite meal the last owners had? I saw there is a Zinwell 2x4 multiswitch . Basically for some reason got my antenna cable into the "SAT" inputs thereon multiswitch, would We be capable of getting 4 antenna sign contacts to my 4 outlets?

Many Thanks!

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We saw there was a Zinwell 2x4 multiswitch . Easily for some reason got my antenna cable into one of several "SAT" inputs thereon multiswitch, would We be capable of geting 4 antenna sign contacts to my 4 outlets?

A standard one in, four out splitter is pretty low priced. We doubt that Zinwell multi switch will harm to test, but it is effortless enough to change. You can get one at Amazon or Walmart

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Indeed you should use the old cables.

I'm guessing all the satellite wiring and switch is away from house and you wouldn't like to punch a gap through the loft to the exterior.

You can try to bring your test cable and plug it into the wall surface outlets and plug your tv into another outlet. If it generally does not work replace the satellite switch. The satellite switch is in fact an intelligent switch that makes use of energy from the satellite cardboard boxes that selects input 1 or 2. considering the thing I've seen with dish system installs, I don't think you need to use their switch.

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Originally Posted by d4g4m

No problem connecting the loft antenna from what used to end up being the wire for cable or sat television. all three are okay using the 75 Ohm line to all or any areas. In my own situation, i've DISH and additionally they never carry any sub channels like ME television, grit, GET, thus I went another cable. Lucky me personally the storage shares the wall with all the family area. One cable for antenna networks, one wire when it comes to dish. Co-ax to co-ax in on television, HDMI from sat receiver to HDMI 1 on TV. Change between feedback on remote not a problem. All other spaces linked to antenna line.
Visit or to be sure the antenna is directed precisely at the transmission tower for the strongest sign.

I'm guessing you do not have a multiroom DVR from Dish. You need to use a pair of diplexers to mix the indicators onto one 75 ohm wire after that use another to split it. This is the way they setup their particular multiroom DVR, it sends the sign the second TV making use of a UHF channel like station 60.
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I do not want or need a DVR. Wouldn't like the issues of the DVR, don't want to pay for something that won't be properly used. If by opportunity there is a concert on AXS channel that requires recording, I use my DVD-R.
With all the OTA stations I have, I don't even understand why we have DISH.
btw- although the 211k receiver features a co-ax in, having a separate cable from the antenna right to it and having a HDMI cable through the receiver to the television HDMI 1 works perfectly.

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