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Editor’s Note: This product has been taken off our side-by-side comparison since it has been replaced by another item. It is possible to nevertheless review our initial analysis below, but top Reviews is not any much longer updating this product’s information.

It’s difficult to find a perfect HDTV antenna, specifically since every antenna varies and each location obtains various reception. Even next-door neighbors often require various antennas considering reception distinctions.

The 91XG Uni-Directional Antenna from Antennas Direct is a superb choice for people who stay many kilometers from HDTV broadcasting channels. We unearthed that when this antenna is at about 50 miles of broadcast stations, it does not get as much channels or provide top-notch HDTV because it would if it were further away.

Signal Pickup High Quality

The 91XG provides dozens of UHF stations to your HD tv, but until you have a VHF antenna, you will miss out on stations 7–13. If you’re far-away from stations or in the boondocks, you may receive excellent-quality HDTV that's hard to come by in those areas. But if you live in a city or closer than about 45 kilometers away from HDTV broadcast channels, you'll likely be much better off with an inferior HDTV antenna.

Signal Pickup Range

Using places, this antenna can get indicators from almost 100 kilometers away, that is a feat unheard of for some HDTV antennas. As stated formerly, however, the station high quality and quantity increases using distance from the signal sources. The 91XG can not work as well when it is within about 50 miles of broadcast programs, therefore we recommend it for people staying in outlying areas and small cities.


Since this antenna 's almost eight foot long, setting it up would appear like an annoying task. But the 91XG arrives practically entirely put together with its package, along side helpful directions and helpful tips for outdoor installation.

The antenna is made of durable, high-quality metal. It really is made out of anodized aluminum and zinc-plated steel, therefore we are sure the 91XG will withstand the elements for most many years.

It is very vital that you review and follow all safety guidelines before and during antenna installation. Due to the 91Xg’s large size, you should know of nearby items particularly trees and power lines. Mount your antenna as far away from electric lines as you possibly can. We recommend providing your neighborhood utility company a call for extra protection and installation information.

Help & Support

Antennas Direct has got the most readily useful support and help of all HDTV antenna manufacturers we compared. Its website makes it easy to get a solution to virtually any concern you have. The web site features a learning center with FAQs, guides for helping you pick the best HDTV antenna for the location and a blog with all the latest and biggest in HDTV antenna development.

Antennas Direct is very simple to make contact with; it gives a message target, help telephone number, direct email submission and live chat support on its web site. Even though talk function ended up being offline each time we visited the website, there are numerous other ways to contact Antennas Direct.


This antenna has actually a very various feature set off their HDTV antennas we evaluated. Unlike many antennas, it works most useful if it is a few dozen miles from any sign sources. Although it is a big antenna at almost eight foot long, it's smaller compared to other antennas with a similar signal-pickup range. If you reside 50 or miles from HDTV programs and need UHF channels, the 91XG exterior Antenna could be the one for you personally.

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