Antennas(XM, and Sirius)

Sirius XM antenna direction

There are two tracks you are able to simply take about setting up your new Sirius or XM equipment: you could do it your self, or own it expertly installed.

Home Antenna Placement Guidelines

Getting a beneficial signal is essential to appreciating SiriusXM programming. Our antenna positioning recommendations can help you discover the optimum area for the antenna in order to have the best reception possible.

Best: Put your antenna on top

Since the antennas are weatherproof, it’s constantly better to place them outside in your roofing. The clearer the scene associated with the sky your antenna features, the less likely you will be to have alert loss. Putting your antenna on top may need the acquisition of an antenna extension cable. Make use of the map below to enhance your antenna placement.

Better: spot your antenna outside

Sometimes it's more straightforward to place your antenna beyond a window or to attach it privately of your dwelling. Anyway, you ought to nevertheless attempt to offer your antenna a definite view of the sky. If this is the best option available, use the map below to optimize your antenna positioning.

Great: spot your antenna near a screen

And our 3 satellites, we in addition take advantage of terrestrial repeaters in major urban centers to enhance our signal. In these places, it may possibly be possible to receive the SiriusXM signal with your antenna placed in the home. We recommend putting your antenna in or near a window*. Again, utilize the chart below to optimize your antenna positioning. Wherever you decide to place your antenna, you need to try out positioning for top sign.

Home Installation Antenna location Map

Just how to examine your antenna signal strength

Even though quality of sound isn’t afflicted with the effectiveness of the sign, the likelihood of sound disruption is better if your sign is poor. Testing your antenna sign energy is a good means of avoiding interruptions. Nearly all of our Plug & Enjoy systems and home devices have actually special antenna aiming screens within their selection options. Speak to your product manual for directions. In most designs, the signal high quality bars from the display screen indicate how good your antenna gets the sign. Essentially, you should have the most amount of taverns illuminated.

Suggestion: Don’t bolt down your antenna as soon as you get a beneficial signal. Wait a day or two and listen at different times associated with time assuring a solid sign always. Steel window screens can disrupt or block the signal.


You may tune in through your house or work computer. Just check in and select a channel.

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