Microwave Tower. “

Microwave antenna Installation

Trunk Microwave gear

  • Tall expense, large transmission capability, much more stable overall performance, applicable to longterm and trunk area transmission
  • RF, IF, sign processing, and MUX/DEMUX units are typical interior. Only the antenna system is outdoor.
  • All Outside Microwave Equipment

    • all devices are outside.
    • Installation is straightforward.
    • The equipment area may be conserved.

    Split-Mount Microwave Gear (1)

    The RF unit is an outdoor product (ODU). The IF, signal processing, and MUX/DEMUX devices are integrated in the interior unit (IDU). The ODU and IDU areconnected through an IF cable.

    The ODU may either be right attached onto the antenna or connected to the antenna through a brief smooth waveguide. Even though ability is smaller compared to the trunk, as a result of simple set up and maintenance, fast community building, it is the most favored microwave oven gear.

    Split-Mount Microwave Gear (2)

  • Device Features
  • Antenna: Focuses the RF signals transmitted by ODUs and escalates the sign gain.
  • ODU: RF processing, conversion of IF/RF indicators.
  • IF cable: Transmitting of IF signal, administration sign and power supply of ODU.
  • IDU: works access, dispatch, multiplex/demultiplex, and modulation/demodulation for solutions.
  • Microwave Antenna (1)

  • Antennas are widely used to send and receive microwave indicators.
  • Parabolic antennas and cassegrainian antennas are a couple of typical kinds of microwave antennas.
  • Microwave antenna diameters includes: 0.3m, 0.6m, 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.2metc.
  • Microwave Antenna (2)

    Various regularity channels in exact same regularity band can share one antenna.

    Antenna Adjustment (2)

  • During antenna adjustment, replace the way vertically or horizontally. Meanwhile, utilize a multimeter to test the RSSI during the obtaining end. Frequently, the current revolution will be presented as shown inside lower correct corner. The peak point for the current wave shows the key lobe place into the straight or horizontal path. Large-scope modification is unnecessary. Complete good adjustment regarding the antenna into top voltage point.
  • When antennas tend to be poorly aligned, a small current could be detected in a single course. In cases like this, perform coarse adjustment in the antennas at both stops, so your antennas tend to be around aligned.
  • The antennas at both stops that are really lined up face slightly upward. Though 1–2 dB is lost, representation interference is prevented.
  • Antenna Adjustment (3)

    During antenna modification, the 2 wrong adjustment situations tend to be program here. One antenna is aligned to a different antenna through the part lobe. Thus, the RSSI are unable to meet up with the demands.

    Antenna gain

    Meaning: Ratio regarding the feedback energy of an isotropic antenna Pio into the feedback energy of a parabolic antenna Pi once the electric industry at a spot is the identical for isotropic antenna together with parabolic antenna.

    ‡Calculating formula of antenna gain:

    G = Pio/Pi = (πD/λ)2 * η

    Half-power direction

    Generally, the given antenna requirements contain the gain inside largest radiation (primary lobe) way, denoted by dBi. The half-power point, or the –3 dB point may be the point which can be deviated from central type of the primary lobe and where power is reduced by 1 / 2. The perspective between your two half-power points is called the half-power direction.

    Calculating formula of half-power direction:

    θ0.5 = (65o ~ 70o) λ/D

    Cross polarization discrimination

    Suppression ratio of the antenna obtaining heteropolarizing waves, usually, larger than 30 dB.

    Source: www.daenotes.com
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