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RG-6/UIs a common particular coaxial cable found in a wide variety of residential and commercial programs. The definition of "RG-6" itself is rather general and relates to a multitude of cable styles, which differ from one another in shielding characteristics, center conductor composition, dielectric kind and coat type. RG ended up being initially a unit indicator (radio guide, or radio class) for bulk radio frequency (RF) cable in the U.S. military's Joint Electronics Type Designation System. The suffix /U method for basic energy usage. The number ended up being assigned sequentially. The RG device signal is no longer an element of the JETDS system (MIL-STD-196E) and cable offered these days under the RG-6 label is not likely to meet up army requirements. Used, the word RG-6 is normally familiar with relate to coaxial cables with an 18 AWG center conductor and 75 ohm characteristic impedance.


More generally recognized number of RG-6 is cable (CATV) circulation coax, familiar with route cable tv signals to and within houses, and RG-6 type cables are becoming the typical for CATV, mostly changing small RG-59, recently. CATV circulation coax typically features a copper-clad steel (CCS) center conductor and a combination aluminum foil/aluminum braid guard, typically with low protection (about 60percent). RG-6 kind cables are also found in expert video clip programs, carrying either base band analog movie indicators or serial digital program (SDI) signals; within these programs, the center conductor is ordinarily solid copper, the shielding is significantly heavier (typically aluminum foil/95% copper braid), and tolerances are far more firmly controlled, to enhance impedance security.


RG-6 cables typically tend to be fitted with various forms of connector at each and every end; in CATV distribution programs, they're typically F connector design; in expert base musical organization movie, BNC connectors; and in consumer a/v applications other than RF and CATV, RCA plugs.

RG-6 is available in three numerous kinds made for various programs. "simple" or "house" line is designed for indoor or external residence wiring. "Flooded" cable is infused with liquid blocking gel for usage in underground conduit or direct burial. "Messenger" or "Aerial" may contain some waterproofing but is distinguished with the addition of a steel messenger wire along its length to carry the tension taking part in an aerial drop from a computer program pole. "Plenum" line comes with a special Teflon external coat made for used in air flow ducts to generally meet fire codes.

Attenuation/signal loss[edit]

RG-6 attenuation/signal loss
Frequency (MHz) Attenuation (dB/100 ft)
0.2 (0.4 for CCS)
10 0.6
100 2.0
1, 000 6.2


RG-6 has its own specs: F6TSSV, F6TSSVcu, F6TVS, F6TVScu, F660BV, F660BVcu, F660BVF, F660BVM, F690BV, F690BVcu, F690BVF, F690BVM optimum range.


  1. 'Mike Meyers' CompTIA system+ certificates Passport', by Glen E. Clark, modified by Christopher A. Crayton, McGraw-Hill, 3rd Edition, 2009, web page 32. "particular coax types had been developed when it comes to Ethernet standard, but numerous radio cables have quite comparable faculties, and these alleged radio-grade (RG) cables in addition became related to Ethernet."
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